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finewave Inc Representative

After learning CG by himself in post-production from the age of 19, he was pulled out by Namco Co., Ltd.

I love using all the available DCC tools. My recent boom is UE4.

Main masterpieces

Movies "Mushishi" "Ultraman" "Yatterman" and many others

CM fujifilm nikon UNIQLO MAZDA TOYOTA Shiseido McDonald's Japan CASIO and many more

Game "Dragon Quest 11switch", "JUMP FORCE" and many others

* Titles such as movie productions for ongoing games cannot be provided, but someday ('; ω; `) ウ ッ ...


Finemax representative, Finewave officer, Finewave Dalian representative

All three titles of designer and producer FW are controlled by him. GARO has been involved in the production since the early series.

Main masterpieces

Game GARO series

TV GARO series

Movie @ GARO Series

Anime Golden Kamui Many